Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Andi nominated me and my blog for a Thinking Blogger Award :) I am molto honored. Now I have to tag five other bloggers whom I think deserve this distinction. I would tag Andi back but since she's already been nominated, let's dig up some other talent, shall we?

I would be remiss if I didn't immediately bestow this upon Twisty at I Blame the Patriarchy. She makes me think so hard about male-female relations, women's place in society, and what feminism really means. Her writing never ceases to amaze me; she is one of the smartest women I have come across on the blogosphere.

ChurchGal is an excellent read for anyone who thinks you cannot properly mesh Christianity and liberalism. She gives me hope for my dying faith.

Nonvocabulum makes me think while laughing... hard.

Amanda at the Blog Jar has tons to say about books, which is all I want to think about in this crazy world.

Finally, my great friend, Bro, over at Claw City. He mostly writes about his daily life, but every so often you get a great nugget of wisdom on the stupidity of people who don't know the walking rhythms of a big city or something equally telling.


Twisty said...

Garsh. I'm deeply honored, particularly since I so rarely think, myself.

Thank you!

ding said...

holy cow.
i'm truly honored by this! thank you!

Dena said...

Sojo-Avrile, you are so kind! Honestly, the only reason I keep blogging is to please the few people who enjoy my blog. Thank you so much. I love making you laugh ...AND think!