Sunday, May 20, 2007


I have been tagged by Amanda at the Blog Jar with a meme to write 8 random facts/habits about myself.

1 - I am going through a residency war with my college. They want to charge me double for my one independent study course because I am supposedly out-of-state. I explained to them that I am back and forth constantly and that I am still an in-state resident for tax purposes, but they are giving me a hard time. I have sent them what they ask for but then they find problems with what I have sent. It has been submitted to this big council for a judgment; I am anxious over it. There is around $800 at stake here.

2 - I am a carb-aholic. I know I could probably lose a lot of weight if I would just relinquish breads, cookies, pasta, muffins, etc... but I can't. It's comfort food.

3 - My mother sent a gift basket to my office on Friday full of chocolate, cookies, tea and a teddy bear. Thankfully, it arrived at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon so barely anyone was around for me to be embarrassed in front of.

4 - I suck down seltzer like it's a bad habit. I have had problems with nausea and upset stomach for years now.

5 - Yesterday was the UT graduation ceremony, which I could hear from my apartment balcony. I watched the UT Tower light up different colors and the fireworks and felt really crappy about myself, how I would not have a nice graduation. Boyfriend and I had a glass of wine and took kissy-face photos on the balcony and I felt better.

6 - My middle name is my mother's first name. Sister's middle name is Mother's middle name. Baby Sister's name is Mother's name, first and middle. My mother has vanity issues.

7 - Yesterday I bought a book of postcards with teddy bears on them posed like people. I'm going to address them to myself, put stamps on them, throw them in a manila and then mail them to Kid Sisters #1 and 2 so they can write to me.

I was a little disturbed, though, by one of the postcards. It was like, bears ice skating, bears embracing, bears reading books.. then there's the bear who was in an accident and is in bed, bandaged, with little bears around... I was like, huh?

8 - Before I came back, Cool Aunt gave me a dinosaur egg pet. She said I could put it in a glass with some water, hatch it, watch it grow, talk to it and tell it all my problems. Sounds like a plan - cheaper than therapy.

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