Sunday, February 10, 2008

Queen of the Movie Theater

Girl Scout cookies review: Peanut Butter Patties are very good, Shortbread is not very good at all. Coconut Delites are fantastic.

(After disappointing shortbread, we tracked down another Girl Scout today!)

I saw Persepolis last night. It was quite an experience. You see, I live up the block from a movie theater, and I remember about a year ago - when I was new in town - when Friend From Work told me that one of the theaters at this place has a secret room in the back. He said that there is a couch in there and that if I ever go to the theater, I need to sit back there.

Lo and behold, my first viewing experience at the theater down the block occurred yesterday, and for some crazy reason, I recalled his advice from long ago. When I entered the theater, I was pleased to see that it was that same one. I looked at the back and there it was - a tiny room with a large cut-out in the wall (for viewing the screen), sectioned off with dark red curtains. I scurried back there for my own private movie party! I took my shoes off and stretched out on the couch, and no one even noticed me in there. (I don't think anyone knew it was even there, and though I was plainly visible, people don't see things they're not looking for. No one expects to see anything after the last row of movie seats.)

I watched the whole movie that way. It was AWESOME. Persepolis was very good, a great adaption from the books. I had forgotten how dark the books were - I don't know how since that was the whole point of the story, but there you have it.

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