Monday, August 04, 2008

20 Year Meme

This came from Amanda over at the Blog Jar.

20 years ago I:

1. Was a preschooler.

2. Had best friends named Jessie and Melanie.

3. Could recite multiple passages of scripture.

4. Wore my hair teased up and hair-sprayed (it was the 80s and I blame Mother).

5. Had 2 cats and a dog.

6. Lived in an all-Jewish (Hasidic) neighborhood.

10 years ago I:

1. Had just started high school.

2. Had blonde hair.

3. Met great friends such as the Traveler and Bro.

4. Watched "Dawson's Creek" religiously.

5. Liked 'N Sync (before it was trendy, thank you very much).

6. Was in the school production of "Guys and Dolls."

5 years ago I:

1. Realized that I wanted to major in English.

2. Took care of Kid Sisters full-time.

3. Met Ringo Starr.

4. Worked at a major museum.

5. Briefly dated a man nine years older than me.

6. Dressed as Guinevere for Halloween.

3 years ago I:

1. Met the love of my life!

2. Worked at a major publishing house.

3. Learned I was to become the oldest of five.

4. Took my very first flight.

5. Saw "Shakespeare in the Park."

6. Became vegetarian (the first time).

So far this year I:

1. Have read 64 books.

2. Have been somewhat promoted and given a raise.

3. Spent time in 3 different states.

4. Learned how to knit.

5. Have visited home 3 times.

6. Found an awesome therapist.

Yesterday I:

1. Welcomed the Traveler, who is here to visit! :)

2. Went food shopping.

3. Took a nap... mmmm.

4. Ate mediocre pad thai.

5. Did some reading and some knitting.

6. Went to the gym.

Today I:

1. Took the day off from work!

2. Got a TB test so I can volunteer with children.

3. Went swimming.

4. Had a lovely dinner out with the Traveler, Boyfriend and Artsy Friend.

5. Received letters from Kid Sisters in the mail.

6. Received a postcard from Childhood Friend in Greece.

Tomorrow I will:

1. Go to work in the morning.

2. Go to the gym.

3. Take a nap.

4. Take the Traveler out for dinner and the sights, hopefully with some other friends.

5. Take some fun photos of our visit.

6. Try to sync up with Best Friend, who is also in town.

In the next year I will:

1. Travel to Asia for the first time.

2. Enter my quarter-life crisis period.

3. Knock off a ton of stuff from my 101 List.

4. Take the GRE.

5. Make some big decisions about my life's direction.

6. Sock away more savings than I do now.

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