Monday, June 26, 2006

hello all. i am sick once again in venice, but i would rather be sick here than anywhere else, hee hee.

i have officially been here for a month and feel settled, almost. i know certain neighborhoods like the back of my hand (NOT all, but some). i know to no longer feel complimented when someone says 'ciao bella!' because everyone says that to everyone. i know not to pay more than one euro for one gelato scoop. i know not to buy one of those dancing minnie mouses because it's a scam! these are the basics, really.

i wish boyfriend could get on a plane and come here and then i wouldn't go back home, i swear. speaking of which, our one year anniversary is next week. didn't that go fast??? and we get to spend it apart, how romantic.

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drop a "feck" in