Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bitch Fest

Well, one good thing about having this anonymous blog is... Bitch Fest!!

I guess we all have days like this but wow, you know when every possible thing that can go wrong does go wrong? That was my day.

Fridays are supposed to be super happy. I had a lunch date with CL Friend and besides, it was Friday, so I started off pretty well. Then...
  • New Boss was a jackass only minutes after 8:00 am. He got really nasty and passive-aggressive with me about my plans to have lunch with a friend since he wanted to schedule a half-hour meeting at 12:30 (who does that?). All I did was ask if we could do it at any other time and he made a point of talking about me to others, often in front of me, while being friendly to my face. Yeah, this is what I have to deal with folks. Meanwhile, every other department takes 3 hour lunches on Fridays.

  • Stupid meeting where we had to stroke a salesguy's ego and it was heavily hinted that I should learn a new product because no one else has time. I kindly pointed out that I already do all the writing & marketing and am currently learning to manage the website singlehandedly (for no more money, mind you, and making less than everyone else anyway). So I'm kind of busy too. I love when I'm in a meeting and the higher ups ask, "So, who's going to volunteer to do this totally unrealistic thing?" then look directly at me and the other underpaid women in the room. Why don't you just ask "Who in this room has a uterus?" and say what you really feel?

  • I get out of the meeting to find an email in my inbox that I did not get that job I really wanted. Not only that, but after spending 3 hours of my life meeting with 4 different people, they saw fit to have a random employee I've never had contact with send me a form email. Thanks guys. Professional.

  • After work I went to grab a quick dinner to go and the strap on my beautiful purse from India ripped off completely.

Fortunately, the day turned around after work. I visited the teen girls that I mentor and we had a fantastic time. We made pizzas, played cards, talked about boys and laughed a lot. Thank God for that.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wedding Woes

Sundays are such lazy days. Not in the sense of not getting anything done - I basically work all weekend - but in the sense of not getting dressed or leaving the house if possible. Lovely.

You know when you're a little girl and you watch your Disney movies where the prince saves the princess and they get married in the end? What a happy ending with beautiful wedding clothes and friends and family smiling. How come they don't show the scene after that, where Triton is holding a bill for $50,000 and developing an ulcer? It seems a little unfair to set up expectations for a whole generation of children without a few facts thrown in.

I guess when you're royalty, the bill is not such a big deal. Perhaps they should have had a Disney movie where the bride's and groom's families are working class?

Fiance and I made a decision a long time ago: that we would keep our wedding as inexpensive as possible without sacrificing class, and to pay for it ourselves without burdening our parents. Now that we are in the thick of it, wow, did that idea seem unrealistic! If you can keep your small wedding to $15,000, you are lucky. For 20-somethings not that long out of college, this is still a lot of money.

So what do people our age do? Hit up the parents? Go into debt? LAME.

When did a beautiful union of 2 people turn into such an industry?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

At a Crossroads

Every time I come here to write my 'goodbye post' I get cold feet! Aah!

What is it about this blog that keeps me bound? Is it 5 years of my life in these pages? Is it nostalgia for a time when I wrote blog posts in my head while out and about and dashed home to publish them? When people read and dialogued and I wrote about more than the latest wedding planning snafu? And let's not forget one major thing that this blog offers me and other writing does not - anonymity and the freedom to really, truly be myself without risking being judged or fired.

The writer in me is loathe to give this up, but the way I've been writing has been blah to say the least. Do we need a new guiding topic? Back to religion? On to weddings and cooking and other domesticity? Can I continue to write about more than one, so long as I just show up and fucking write?


Monday, April 05, 2010

I'm at my parents' house waiting for the coffee to percolate. Fiance and I extended our trip because Grandfather is in the hospital in critical condition. His heart is in bad shape and it is causing a host of other problems. We are hoping and praying for a recovery though all we can do right now is wait.

In other news, I had my interviews last week and I think they went well. I am nowhere near done on this search but I have not applied for anything new while on this trip. It has been too hectic. We did accomplish some wedding stuff - namely, we tried a few caterers and I took Sister to try on bridesmaid dresses.

Mother was so excited that I was home for Easter for the first time in years that she gave me an Easter basket. Sounds silly since I am in my 20s but it was actually pretty cool. She gave me a movie basket with popcorn, candy, soda, a DVD and a gift card for Regal. She is so cute! I am working on finding the perfect birthday present for her but no luck so far. Fiance and I are thinking concert tickets because she's big into those.

Today and tomorrow we are going to try to look at additional venues but it's so hard to get people on the phone. I don't get it, are they so overwhelmed by business that they don't need leads?