Saturday, January 15, 2011

So we're back from India, moving into our new apartment in a kickass neighborhood today. Husband and I both celebrated our birthdays in the last few weeks, so ready to start a new year. I have so many resolutions, but I'm still in that euphoric hopeful new-year phase where I believe I'll achieve most of them. Yee ha! (<-- Texas residue)

I'm not going to lie - I miss Austin. I miss not having to work as hard and the warmth and sunshine. I miss the hell out of my friends, who I still talk to but don't know when I'll see in person again. I miss breakfast tacos and margaritas and queso and people being friendly all the time.

But I am not going to let the culture shock of homecoming get me down. When I was in Austin, I dreamed about New York - living in Manhattan like I wanted to since I was a child, being a part of a living, pulsing city that is simultaneously full of history and looking towards the future. The snow and ice will pass, the rude looks on the subway will become commonplace and normal, but the excitement never dies. I hope Husband comes to feel the same way.