Sunday, August 02, 2009

I am currently in "the country" where my family has a vacation home. We are only spending the weekend. It has been a lot of fun. My family has had this place for 2+ years, but since I live out of state, I have only been here 2-3 times. I love it every time. It is so relaxing and beautiful. There is a lake and a ton of greenery, and the little house is quaint and perfect.

There is an 8 foot tall black bear on the loose this weekend, but I am trying not to worry about that. We leave tonight anyway.

The internet is slow here, but that's okay. It prevents me from spending too much time online and not enjoying the scenery.

Yesterday we had perfect weather: in fact, my sisters and I got some sunburn (the youngest one excepted, she is half-Hispanic and tans beautifully). We went to the lake and to the pool, ate barbecue and generally had a good time. This morning, everyone is still asleep, and it is raining outside.

I like the rain. I kind of hope it rains all day. It is a nice change from the 113 degrees I left behind in Texas.