Saturday, March 05, 2005

I've Just Seen A Face

I have been fascinated with the various representations of Jesus for a while. He always looks different. I like what Sue Monk Kidd wrote in her novel, The Secret Life of Bees:

"Everyone needs a God
who looks like them."

Paul McCartney Jesus. I don't like European depictions of Jesus.
He wasn't born in a manger in Liverpool.

This one is by Talib-Lala Dhu’l-Kadari, and it shows
Jesus and his disciples. Don't you love it?

"Since the white people have seen their own God
through white spectacles, we have now started to see
our God through our own spectacles."
-Marcus Garvey-

She is my favorite.

I read a really cool Unitarian sermon a while ago called "Liberal Like Jesus." I gave a copy to Fellow Seeker and he loved it. I remember back when he was reading American Jesus. He showed me the pictures in it. One of them was the black female Jesus above. There was also boxer Jesus, white collar Jesus in a suit with a short haircut, etc.


Kikhwa said...

Awesome blog S.

Is that the one you're talking about?

Musing said...

Great post! Have you seen the depictions of Christ by He Qi?

sojourness said...

Yes, that's it! Thanks... I'll put her in the post now.

Jeannette, I had never seen He Qi's work before, but I just looked at the link - wow.