Saturday, July 08, 2006

hello all. sorry for being so delinquent, but i am so busy all the time. it's good busy, as in traveling and doing cool projects at work and stuff, but still. i am quite tired.

just a brief update... i loved loved loved rome. i also went to pompei which was amazing but also quite depressing. sorrento was beautiful as well but didn't spend very much time there. then i went back to work for two days and now i have spent yesterday and today in florence, another city i love! i actually met up with my italian professor from back home because he's doing research here, which was really fun.

today i see some more sights and then go back to prepare for all the upcoming stuff at work. it is really hectic (!!) but whatever. it's better than only having tedious responsibilities, no?

pictures to come if i can ever get them up.

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Anonymous said...

hey i found this today. i can't wait to travel again. did i tell u already? when i stayed at a hostel in miami, the other two girls in the room were from cape town. i really want to go back now!