Friday, July 14, 2006

i treated myself to a pair of birkenstocks today and i am in love. had been cheaping out on shoes for a long time and after rome, pompei, florence, etc. i wanted to cry, my feet hurt so badly. besides, they are cheap here since i am so close to germany. boo-yah.

today was my day off. i found myself napping frequently, sweating a lot (it is soooo hot), and visiting three churches with my chorus pass. (i bought a pass for access to 12 churches without paying for individual tickets, yes you have to pay to go to church here, it's so wrong, give them a couple of tintorettos or titians and it goes to their head, j/k). it will be hard to go home and be without all these churches. it is just amazing here. and it's not just a touristy thing, i light candles and say prayers and it's a nice experience all around. of course there are churches at home but they don't have tintorettos or titians, darn it!!

wish i could write more, will as soon as things ease up. i hope you have all decided to check my blog less frequently but not to go away altogether.


fp said...

u shouldn't have to pay to go in. i agree.

when u get back we can go into the city to the cathedral where it's free lol

A. Estella Sassypants said...

Titians and Tintorettos would likely inspire me to enjoy church more myself (and keep me away from the Heathen Brunch Club on Sundays). Totally jealous of your 'stocks! They are so yummy-comfy.