Thursday, December 04, 2008


  1. Why do I read the news when it only scares me?

  2. Why do "Girls Cut" tee-shirts never account for larger girls? I would really like this one but I'll never squeeze into their "Extra Large."

  3. Why do the characters on Party of Five piss me off much more now than when I first watched years ago? (And yet, I still can't turn away... like a train wreck...)

  4. Why do I come down with nagging colds when I have all kinds of fun stuff planned?

1 comment:

Stardust_Asphalt said...

Make your own!

Find the picture somewhere and iron it onto REAL SHIRT! I know how you feel, I love so many shirts and sigh when the sizes stop of either L or the XL- I just know I won't fit in.