Thursday, March 12, 2009

This is a rant. It will be as civil as I can make it considering my current rage.

Since joining New Boss's new team in the new division, I have become the most senior team member. (It used to be Friend From Work, but now he is in the other division.) This means that New Boss gives me all of his work to do while he goes to lunches on the company's dime and schedules meetings to hear himself talk. He makes a high executive-level salary with the respect the title brings while I make peanuts and get no respect. This is the situation, and in this economy I have made peace with it. I have also resigned myself to the horrific sexism he spews.

If only it stopped there...

Today Friend From Work tells me that New Boss went to him the other day with a request that he change something on the website because "the girls screwed up." 'The girls' refers to me and Friend From Work #3. He went on to explain that we put the wrong information on a mailing piece. This man looked at the mailing and approved it for printing and sending. I have no idea what he is even talking about.

I cannot believe he is going around to other people in the company and blaming us for his own mistakes.



That's what white collar bosses do, hun. They make a mistake, and instead of owning up they pass the buck and portray themselves as complete innocent of any wrong-doing.

cheekynomad said...

blue collars do it too.

oddly enough, i feel better reading this. i sympathize.

Anonymous said...

What do the kinda purplish,greyish collar bosses do?

Same thing I presume, bastards..!