Sunday, February 14, 2010


I have been so remiss here. I think that since I've started using and loving Twitter, I have reduced my insights (and my attention span) to 140 characters or less, and the thought of writing an actual blog post is, well, wow.

But here I am, Valentine's Day morning with my cup of coffee and a chest cold I'm desperately fighting. Childhood Friend arrives in a few days; I need to be at my optimum hostess health.

Not to randomly bring up religion :) but I've been thinking a lot lately. This is probably because I work for a Jesus Freak. Not the cool ones - and I do think there are some cool Jesus Freaks out there, I've met them - but one of the creepy ass ones. He keeps a bible in his office and when people ask him how he's doing, he says, "It is well with my soul." Yeah, that kind.

The thing is, this guy is active in his church and always goes out of his way to bring religion into any conversation, mainly to show how holy he is. But deep down, he's not such a great guy. He encourages me and other employees to lie outright when it benefits the business. He only wants to purchase promotional items made in China for dirt cheap, as if he doesn't know who's making them or why they're dirt cheap. He has offered to use his wife and college aged daughters as "babes" who can go to business functions and entice men to hear about our product. He talks about everyone behind their backs, including myself and his other direct report. When he makes a mistake, he tells others that we made it and assumes it will not get back to us.

And I can't help but think to myself, "Wow, I remember Jesus being a lot cooler than this." You know, I read my Bible, I remember Jesus, he wasn't a jerk. I look at my boss and think, "If Jesus were still around today, he wouldn't like you at all."

And I hope I'm right. Because that's a Jesus I can get behind. Didn't he tell all the righteous hypocrites to screw off, and went to hang out with the people who made mistakes like the rest of us but were at least open and honest about it?

Note: I know this seems strange after my last post that was quite hard on God, but I have been raised to see God in various characters or personalities. God the Father is the mean one. Read the Old Testament, you'll see. Jesus is the groovy Son who came later and mediated between us. "Oh, Dad is grumpy and all but he's not so bad. I'll explain it to you like this."


Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you love a partner or just a family member or friend, we all love somebody so enjoy it!



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Amanda said...

I was raised the same way. I think the reason I claim to be agnostic is to distance myself from about 95% of the Church. They aren't Christ-like at all!