Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wedding Woes

Sundays are such lazy days. Not in the sense of not getting anything done - I basically work all weekend - but in the sense of not getting dressed or leaving the house if possible. Lovely.

You know when you're a little girl and you watch your Disney movies where the prince saves the princess and they get married in the end? What a happy ending with beautiful wedding clothes and friends and family smiling. How come they don't show the scene after that, where Triton is holding a bill for $50,000 and developing an ulcer? It seems a little unfair to set up expectations for a whole generation of children without a few facts thrown in.

I guess when you're royalty, the bill is not such a big deal. Perhaps they should have had a Disney movie where the bride's and groom's families are working class?

Fiance and I made a decision a long time ago: that we would keep our wedding as inexpensive as possible without sacrificing class, and to pay for it ourselves without burdening our parents. Now that we are in the thick of it, wow, did that idea seem unrealistic! If you can keep your small wedding to $15,000, you are lucky. For 20-somethings not that long out of college, this is still a lot of money.

So what do people our age do? Hit up the parents? Go into debt? LAME.

When did a beautiful union of 2 people turn into such an industry?

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When someone realized people would pay a fortune to have their dream wedding.

Gotta be a few more shortcuts you can take. You of course already know how cheap my intentions were going to be. :P

Ya know, if my ma wasn't sick I'd see about getting her to cater at least the Italian portion of your thing. She could use the giant kitchen at the boat club and then we could drive it over.