Wednesday, April 14, 2010

At a Crossroads

Every time I come here to write my 'goodbye post' I get cold feet! Aah!

What is it about this blog that keeps me bound? Is it 5 years of my life in these pages? Is it nostalgia for a time when I wrote blog posts in my head while out and about and dashed home to publish them? When people read and dialogued and I wrote about more than the latest wedding planning snafu? And let's not forget one major thing that this blog offers me and other writing does not - anonymity and the freedom to really, truly be myself without risking being judged or fired.

The writer in me is loathe to give this up, but the way I've been writing has been blah to say the least. Do we need a new guiding topic? Back to religion? On to weddings and cooking and other domesticity? Can I continue to write about more than one, so long as I just show up and fucking write?




Just fucking write. I need my updates so we can bypass the update portion of when we get together.

traveler said...

you can always tell how bad your job is, plenty of material there.


sojourness said...

Thanks for weighing in! You are both right.