Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Come Together

So busy the past few days. Boyfriend came the other night, so that has been fun. We played a game with Sister, her boyfriend, and Mother called Imaginiff, and it's supposed to show you how well you know the other players. So the guys were hesitant about playing, hehe. Sister seemed to know me the best. At one point, the question was about me, and it was something about what I love the most. Sister's Boyfriend began reading the six choices: 1. Television. 2. Book. Instantly, without allowing him to finish, everyone held up their number 2 card and laughed.

The Traveler came on Sunday night and stayed until Monday night. Poor Traveler. Every time she visits me (which is only a handful of times a year because we have not lived in the same city since we were sixteen), I am either exhausted or coming out of a nap or fall asleep while she's here. Sunday night was no exception. I took a short nap at around 10:00 p.m. and Boyfriend woke me up when she arrived. I stumbled to the door, half-asleep, and gave her a big hug that was part I'm-Happy-To-See-You and part Please-Help-Me-Not-Fall-Over. After that, however, I sufficiently woke up. We stayed up until about 3:30 a.m., yakking and yakking and yakking. We played Imaginiff and reminisced about high school and laughed a lot. It was great.

The following day, Mother, the Traveler and I found ourselves in my old neighborhood. We had lunch at a diner that I used to go to all the time. I mean, my family used to take me as a kid, then as a teenager I went with Sister and friends, we even had dinner there after my high school graduation. It was strange to be there again, because it has been three and a half years since we moved and I haven't been there in even longer. We told the Traveler our timeless story of the time my parents were eating there and they overheard a busboy getting fired. The busboy wouldn't leave, and they had to bring the police in to escort him out. My parents always did a funny impression of the busboy, pleading, "But why? Why??"

Today I handed in two papers and a take-home final. I also took my Italian final. By the end of the day I was feeling relieved, but not very good, if you know what I mean. (I'm still not, but whatever. Such is life.) The good thing is, Sister asked me if I could take her shopping. We wound up going to the mall together and having a great time. I had nonfat ice cream, she stood on the second level and rained pennies down upon the head of her adversary who works at a stand on the first level (I supplied the pennies), we did a little Christmas shopping. I love my sister to death.

That reminds me, I really fucked up Christmas shopping this year. I still haven't bought anything for Mother or Sister, and the whole shopping online window is closed by now. I'm totally not into the holidays - if anything, they are upsetting me - but since everyone has insisted on buying me something, I need to reciprocate, dammit! I recruited Sister to do most of my shopping for me because she loves that stuff (I swear, we are Maggie and Rose from In Her Shoes), but it would be tacky to ask her to buy her own present.



In th' hood an' can't even stop by fer a quick how ya doin'. Gee, see where I rate.

Anonymous said...

i didnt notice anything past the happy-to-see-you part. i gotta get myself that game btw and put all my potentials through it, not really to see how much they know me but instead to figure stuff out about them =D
oh yeah, im back. about that lil thing i found out the other day, i've decided, as my friend puts it, to build a bridge and get over it!

fp said...

merry Christmas

sojourness said...

Wolvie, don't be such a skutch.

Trav, now I know what to get you for your birthday ;)

FP, thanks, you too :)