Thursday, January 26, 2006

Drive My Car

Happy HNT! This is a picture Boyfriend took of me while we were in the car. (I forced him to take all kinds of crazy pictures, including outside-while-it's-freezing ones. He's so agreeable.)

New hair cut and style, got it two days ago. I was tired of the way it looked. So much shorter now! And easier to maintain, and less frizzy, and... yay. I really like it.

I have a big post to write because I have some big news to disclose, and will do that soon, perhaps even later on today. While you wait, here's one of the outside-while-it's-freezing photos I forced Boyfriend to take with me :)


bsoholic said...

Great shots! Nice new haircut too!

Happy HNT

Wenchy said...

You guys are adorable!


Hmm...I dunno. I'll wait till I see it 'fore I comment. An' comment I shall! :P

A. Estella Sassypants said...

The haircut is fabulous! You gorgeous thang. And you and bf look wondermous together.