Friday, January 06, 2006

Old Lady

Okay, now I will write about my birthday celebrations :)

On New Years Day, my family, Boyfriend and I went out to a Japanese restaurant. It's the kind of place where they cook on the table right in front of you. It was fun. We had gone once before, for Sister's Boyfriend's birthday, and they sang to him and embarassed him and gave him a Buddha drinking glass, which he gave to me. They did the same for me: a cake was brought out with a solitary sparkler in it, and a chef came over, grabbed my arms, and waved them back and forth. "Happy Birthday Mama San!" he sang. I wanted a Geisha drinking glass, but they were all out, so I got a Ninja. *Sigh*

Then a few days later, Boyfriend threw me a birthday party. No, it wasn't a surprise party, but I say he threw it for me because he really did. He did everything. Bought the drinks, cooked the food, compiled the music... He even did this:

What a cutie he is.

Anyway, the party was so much fun. Sister and her boyfriend came, as did Skeptic, Fellow Seeker, Veteran Seeker, three of the fellows and one of their SO's. We ate, drank, talked, and did karaoke. I was also coerced into adhering to the ritual of smearing my name on the cake and then putting the icing on my nose. I also put some on Boyfriend's nose because his birthday was fairly recent as well. He was like, "You could have given me some warning." Hee hee.



Good turn-out. Tell ya, think you get a better invite ratio fer yer bdays than my BBQs ever got

Anonymous said...

wow, u had fun, sorry i couldnt be there! damn work, ps im here an extra 2 weeks, i wont see feb till the end of fl

sojourness said...

Someone's overworked, Traveler. Read your comment over again. Hee hee.

A. Estella Sassypants said...

AWww, great pics! I'm glad you had a good birthday. You deserve it! :)