Saturday, January 07, 2006

Featuring Some of Your Favorite Words

Andi did this, and it looked fun, so I did it. These are the opening lines from each month of 2005 on my blog.

February: Me: One confused chick.

March: Okay, so I'm reading The Problem of Pain and loving it.

April: Last night was my book group meeting.

May: It's interesting how things always manage to tie in to each other.

June: Gone until the weekend. Ciao!

July: I just finished watching my new favorite show, 30 Days.

August: I got a postcard from Prague this morning.

September: Happy HNT!

October: I'm alive! That's always a good thing :)

November: Well, I made up for eating that Halloween candy by getting sick and losing my appetite.

December: It was too cold to be half nekkid yesterday. Sorry friends.

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if you want some filler material, you can post my modification to this post.