Friday, May 19, 2006

blah blah blah

geez, am i tired. at this rate, i'm going to sleep on the flight. . . and the connecting flight. . . and the train. (yeah, those are my travel plans, but i'm not complaining because i didn't have to pay for any of the tickets.)

the days go by so quickly and i find it hard to get things done. for now i have decided, to hell with the books on the bibliography that i haven't read yet. it's not like i'll be tested on them. they are suggested in order to give me a general background in the field i'll be working in because all the other interns accepted to the program are in this field, and they just hired me because the director liked my face. (joking.) but i will figure it out. my main focus right now is researching that seminar i have to give in july. and packing. and watching movies set in venice (casanova, the merchant of venice, everyone says i love you, hee hee hee). that's the kind of preparation i need! ;)

boyfriend is arranging a little soiree for me the night before i leave. i have a fancy event to go to, something to send the fellows off with in a ritzy atmosphere, and afterwards my friends and i are going to get something to eat, i suppose. he's so cute, making preparations. "give me everyone's contact information and i'll take care of it. you have enough on your mind." um, can you say jackpot? best s.o. in the whole world.

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A. Estella Sassypants said...

Your BF is awesome! Have the best time over the pond! I'll be here salivating with good-hearted jealousy.