Friday, May 05, 2006


goodness, i never blog anymore. i can't think of important things to say . . . as if that has ever stopped me before.

i woke up at 5:30 this morning because I was seriously hungry. tried to go back to sleep for an hour, didn't happen because i was hungry. i scoped out the kitchen but there's nothing so made some coffee and settled back into bed with the laptop to do some research, reserve another million books from the library that I won't have time to read, and delight you all with my lyrical prose.

i'm leaving in less than three weeks. that both excites and scares the hell out of me. i have been furiously - well, i wouldn't say furiously, but it's my blog and i'll lie if I want to - studying up in preparation for my job. when i get there i have to give a fully researched presentation that will last thirty minutes to an hour with slides and all that shit. i can put it off until the end of the summer but still. i have never spoken in front of people for that long in my life.

i have to go shopping for everything - luggage, clothes, shoes, books - and i don't know what the hell i'm waiting for. egad.

i saw best friend yesterday. i met her after she got out of work and we had dinner in the park and stuff. in her first year of college, she studied abroad in london and on a week off, managed to make it to rome, florence, venice, milan, nice, and paris. so of course i picked her brain incessantly and made her promise to re-show me her pictures before i go (it's been five years since i saw them). we're also going to go shopping together, and if she can get off from work and find some decent-priced airfare, she wants to visit me in europe. she's the type to do it too. yayyyy.

i was in the music store last night looking at italian cds and i saw marcella bella's album entitled "uomo bastardo" and started cracking up. now that's some music i want to get acquainted with ;)


cheekynomad said...

i've been waiting for you to blog again! although i can't say i've been checking in daily, i've been so busy at work, and so tired afterwards...and now you're leaving! i'm excited for you.

sojourness said...

thanks chica ;) i mean ragazza. i don't need spanish throwing me off any more than it already does.