Saturday, May 06, 2006

sit on it

last night was a fun night with some of the fellows. i can't remember which ones were which numbers, so let's just say one of them - who recently married her boyfriend from pakistan - invited us over to their new apartment to sample her 'desi' cooking. so six of us (myself included) went. we had such a good time being a gossipy crowd and talking about how we will all span countries and continents to visit each other this summer. i love those people. at one point during the evening, someone referred to postmodernism, and one of the fellows - a terribly witty english major that i get along with swimmingly - laughed and said, 'that's how you know you're in college. you talk about postmodernism at parties.' we also watched moroccan music videos.

we ate in a circle on the floor, and at one point when i had finished with my food, i put it behind me on the couch to free up some space. i forgot it was there, and about ten minutes later, the terribly witty english major sat in it. i felt bad for making her mess up her jeans, she felt bad for sitting in my food ('i wouldn't eat that if i were you'), but none of us could stop laughing. priceless.

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A. Estella Sassypants said...

Sounds like a fun evening! My Englishy friends and I often catch ourselves laughing at some nerdy joke about Derrida or this or that -ism and roll our eyes at our own nerdiness. But at least we're nerds together. :)