Wednesday, May 10, 2006

i will miss you

just got home from a long day and am very tired. took girls to school, had un prezzo grande* with boyfriend at the indian restaurant where we first met (awwww), walked like thirty blocks (long ones), tutored, had italian convo group, and came home. *whew* i haven't even had dinner yet but i don't want to get up for a while :)

on the bus home today, i was thinking about when boyfriend and i first separated back in august. sure, it wasn't a break-up, but it was certainly a break, albeit a geographical one. that was tough, man. i don't know how we dealt with that one. i am already starting to have withdrawal symptoms over the imminent two and a half months without him.

having him stay with my family has gotten me so spoiled. now it is difficult to go a few days without him (when he stays with his family). i remember october through december, when we spent two months apart, and that was fuckin terrible. even though i'm excited about venice, i'm certainly not thrilled at the prospect of doing that again.

i'm also starting to stalk my sisters because i know how much i'll miss them too.

*a big lunch

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Two months? Piffle.