Thursday, May 15, 2008

At midnight last night I was awakened by a massive storm. I mean MASSIVE. Our neighbors were throwing around the term "tornado" and it sure as hell sounded like it. The wind pounded against our apartment like it was going to rip the door off, and hailstones that must have been the size of rocks kept pummeling the windows. Some people (not us) lost power. It felt like a plague out of Exodus. I was terrified.

It is funny how people adapt to their environments. I spoke with a native Texan friend recently about the differences between here and where I've come from. Here, tornadoes occur often enough so that they do not scare the daylights out of people. If there is a bit of frost or a tiny bit of snow, however, they shut the schools down. Conversely, I think I had one snow day in my entire life, though we got inches and inches every winter. It was normal and they just expected you to deal with it. I do remember getting a day off for a tornado warning though, because tornadoes?? Those were serious!

It's kind of interesting, no?



I knew about the tornado. I was on with yer Texan counterpart at the time it hit. But, ya know, you were a NYer...we're supposed to shrug at anything and go eh, fuck off!

musing said...

Glad you made it through the storm!

If it's at night, I sleep through everything. I've slept through tornados and an earthquake and who knows what else.

And a plague out of Exodus. Funny, you should say that. I was just reading about those "crazy ants" in Texas and that's exactly what I thought of.

Stardust_Asphalt said...

I didn't hear a thing. I guess where I live nothing much ever happens.

I was driving to work and didn't notice all the debris until I was driving down Barton Springs. What a mess!