Friday, May 23, 2008

I am one of about three people who came in to work today. Everyone is either on vacation or has simply taken today off in order to have a four-day weekend. It is super quiet, especially since I am "holding down the fort," as our HR woman put it, for my department.

I just realized that I never blogged about Thursday knitting. Hmm. There is a cool hipster place where people in my general age group get together to knit, crochet or whatever else on Thursday evenings. It is a former bar that now serves beer, wine, coffee drinks and kick ass pizza. It it totally funky and the people are fun! I have gone about four times, often with Friend From Work's Wife, who is a master knitter. They live in the area and she is the one who introduced me to this shindig. I also took CL and Artsy Friend once.

I know I am still a beginner but I am a perfectionist and I get very frustrated when trying new patterns or stitches because I inevitably screw them up. Normal people would just move on since they are still learning but I tend to throw the piece of knitting across the room and wail dramatically.

My exciting Memorial Day weekend plans include the following: friend drop-off at the airport, friend pick-up from the airport, cleaning my bathtub, knitting up a storm, getting some exercise, taking advantage of M. Day sales to get summer clothes, reading up a storm, going out with friends, sleeping until 10:00 AM or later, finishing up an article I need to finish, and other similarly stimulating activities still to be decided.


Anonymous said...

no time for cuddling with your mansteak???

lapanciapiena said...

ciao,sei passata nel mio blog:-)e ovviamente ricambio il saluto...purtroppo nn capsico molto l'inglese quindi leggere il tuo blog è un po difficoltoso per me ci proverò:-)che zona di napoli sono originari i tuoi??bacioni imma


"Mansteak?" Oh, I SO could've gone without seeing that. Like, ever.