Monday, June 30, 2008

Isis is the Egyptian High Priestess, ruling with love and calm patience. She provides equilibrium and guidance through our journey. To open the door to Isis opens the door to love, love fosters the development of inner wisdom, as a budding flower blossoms into a glorious flower that takes people's breath away.

Isis' relationship with the third eye, the psychic eye, brings us a powerful skill to cultivate our trust in our own psychic wisdom. We have all talked about our "gut instinct" at some stage in our lives... Isis lets us embellish on this inner wisdom through divine power.

I trust my wisdom and insight


Anonymous said...

thanks for having this information about the goddess because i have to do a research project on her and i have info about her. i would be grateful if you can put more information about her!

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Anonymous said...

i love Isis! she is awesome. i am doing a project and this picture helps me so much! thanks