Sunday, June 01, 2008

Yesterday was a strange day. (I nearly said today because it is the middle of the night.) I had severe caffeine withdrawal because we keep decaf coffee in the house, and I deliberately did not go out and buy a soda. I figured I would just get over the cold turkey days and then I can get off coffee for good, like I did just before Father's death.

Well, ibuprofen was no match for the killer headache (migraine?) I had all day. As in, it hurts to have my eyes open. As in, I'm going to go take a 3-hour nap right after breakfast.

I went to bed fairly early, as you can guess, and then woke up at 3:00 AM with a horrific upset stomach. I've still got it, though Alka Seltzer and tea have calmed it a bit. This has never happened with caffeine withdrawal before, so I am inclined to think it was something I ate today.

I have a craft party to go tomorrow (uh, today) and am hoping I don't have to cancel, but since I still feel like hurling, it might just go that way.


In other news, I miss my father like nobody's business.


musing said...

You're in my thoughts. Hope you get well soon.

Kelly Rose said...

hope you feel better!!