Saturday, January 17, 2009

Things at work just got all kinds of scary. It looks like the company is set to split into two sections, one which will work on making the new product a wild success and the other that will maintain customers on the current product. This means a split in personnel and management, and new management coming in. It also means a few layoffs and shaving off.

My job is safe for now, as New Boss asked me to be on his new team, selling the new product. He told me that he was given the option to build his team any way he wanted, including hiring new people for it, but that he wanted me to be on it. He did give me the option, though. It will involve working 10-hour days and a bit of risk, but as we talked and I gauged the level of hysteria in the office, I realized that the overtime and the risk is on both sides. Boss and New Boss are going to the new team, while a new executive hire is going to lead the old. If I elected to stay with the old, I would have no relationship or history with management, and I hear that under them, "the company will not be the same size it is today." At least I have a good working relationship with the Bosses, and they value me enough to invite me over.

Of course, if either side fails, the whole company could go under. Thank you, those of you who are responsible for this shitty economy.

I have been stressed and sick with worry for the past two days. All of this has been hush-hush, with closed-door meetings and "this is sensitive information, don't tell your close colleagues when they question you." Next week all the shit will hit the fan and everyone will know the truth and be reassigned. Maybe I will be able to breathe a little easier then.


musing said...

Thinking of you!



cheekynomad said...

i have a similar story to share with you. it messed up my entire week (you know, the one that included my bday). this was why i needed you to get over the phone allergy