Friday, January 30, 2009

Updates work better in lists.

  • I started taking belly dance and hip hop dance classes at the gym. I am literally oozing coolness right now. They are the most fun I've had in a while!

  • My job has become soul-sucking and I now truly understand why people go "postal." One silver lining is a closer friendship with New Intern, who is no longer an intern, but a fellow sufferer.

  • Sister is now in college for the first time in her life. It took a few years to get her there but I am crazy proud.


Stardust_Asphalt said...

Belly dancing and Hip hop dance classes... I am so jealous! That sounds like a ton of fun!

This may sound cheesy, but if you really look into the kind of potential you have, I mean really magnify all of your talents (and believe me you have a great many) it will make the job-hunt that much more urgent.

And... that is so AMAZING that your sister is in college, I mean, that's what sisters are for, right?

Miss you, beautiful!

cheekynomad said...

whooooa. college? i hate to say it but i'm shocked. good for her!