Friday, July 03, 2009

I am throwing a baby shower for CL Friend, who is having a little girl. (We just found out early this week.) I only have a couple of weeks to plan this shindig and I have never thrown one before. I've attended a couple - both my mother's - but no games were played, no activities. I have been researching via the internet and people I know who have been to baby showers and apparently games and activities are important. The problem is, all of the common baby shower games that I have come across SUCK ASS.
  • Everyone cuts a piece of yarn at the length they think will fit around the mother-to-be's belly. The person who is closest wins a prize.

  • People have to guess what flavor baby food is by the color of it, without the jar around. Winner, again, gets a prize.

  • There is a really disgusting game involving melting different chocolate bars in diapers and people have to guess what kind of chocolate bar it was before melted.
I can't have this kind of thing at her shower. Any suggestions?


cheekynomad said...

this one you couldn't do at the shower, it's more of a followup or a good one for the office: you make a chart, one one axis you put the weight range of the baby, and on the other you put the week that the baby is supposed to be born. you give everyone 2 or 3 squares where they guess where the baby's going to fall.

another game, you let everyone name the baby, let the mom-to-be decide which name she likes best - that person gets a prize and no, the mom doesn't have to really go with that name

Kelly Rose said...

you can scramble up common baby words then have people unscramble them and see who can scramble the most in a minute or some time frame. whoever gets the most gets a prize.

there's a tv mom game, look on the internet for it. it's triva about tv moms and their daughters. i did it at a shower i did the games for and it was a hit. it has questions from stuff like gilmore girls, wonder years and such.

also you can put a bunch of baby related items in a bag, take them each out and show them to everyone, put them back in the bag and see who can remember the most items.

one more is give everyone a safety pin upon arriving. whoever says the word baby must give up their safety pin to the person who catches them saying baby. person with the most safety pins at the end of the shower get a prize.

k i have been to/done the games at A LOT of showers. hope this helps!