Saturday, July 11, 2009

Boyfriend is sleeping, and this is my quiet time. I am drinking coffee, painting my fingernails party red, listening to Pandora and blogging. I love Boyfriend and, in fact, we probably spend more time together than is healthy, but these little quiet times (without the TV on!) are awesome too.

I saw Crafty Friend (I used to call her Artsy Friend but this seems more appropriate) the other night for dinner and knitting. She gave me a book of Wedding Crafts that she had picked up somewhere. So cute! She knows me so well, judging from her gifts.

Since we are leaving this apartment (and the country) in a few weeks, I need to go through all the crap I have accumulated here in the last 2 years. It's amazing how much you can pack into small spaces while living there. If I moved it all out, I bet I couldn't fit it back in ;) Closet full of yarn, bookshelf full of books, storage bins full of journals, greeting cards, photos, craft materials... It's incredible. And you know I don't want to throw anything away!

Step 1: Donate unwanted books to public library.

Step 2: Decide which books, yarns, DVDs, etc. are making the trip with me and which are going into storage.

I don't want to plan out much further until I get there; I'm overwhelmed enough already!

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