Friday, July 10, 2009

Boyfriend and I have just made the decision to spend several months abroad. We are leaving quite soon, and this big change made me reconsider my blog here. After all, I want to start a new blog that is not anonymous to allow my friends and family in the U.S. to keep up with my travels. I have been so open here that I cringe at the thought of it becoming linked with my real self, considering that the internet betrays us all and your boss, for example, can find out much more about you than you want to share after a few clicks. After much thought, I figured that if I couldn't write about my life here, there was really no point in continuing it. I was ready to retire.

I am hesitant, though. I feel that I would lose all of my readers, and that if I wanted to restart when I return at the beginning of next year, the momentum would be gone. No one would stop by anymore.

I am now thinking that I can keep the blog without discussing my travels or even where I am. (Mysterious, huh?) There are many other things I can share - my thoughts on life and spirituality, my wedding planning, etc.

Anyone want to vote? Will you still read or not interested?


cheekynomad said...

i read, even when i dont comment (tsk tsk, i know)

sojourness said...

I'm not implying you don't, I'm just wondering if you still will when I have to be all cryptic :P