Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I arrived home to spend some time with my family before Boyfriend and I leave the country. I am very tired but also wired for some reason, hence being up, blogging, this late. I already miss Boyfriend and all of the vaccinations I have had to get for the upcoming trip are making me sick. So, not too conducive to sleep.

General "at home" guilty pleasures that I plan to indulge in:

  • Reading issues of Glamour that are inevitably lying around the house. Someone subscribed years ago and I don't even know if they read it. I don't subscribe to or buy that anti-feminist garbage but whenever I'm home I check up on those 10 Things to Do to Drive Him Wild, you know, just to keep an eye on the ideological competition.
  • Shopping with Mother at the Italian market. Antipasto, cannolis and vino ... oh my!
  • Taking Little Sisters out to movies, restaurants, the library, you name it.
  • Seeing really good friends.
  • Traveling to the family's vacation home in another state where I can lie on the swing on the porch and read books undisturbed.

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