Friday, September 02, 2005

All I've Got To Do

*Sigh* Friday night. Yes, I can do the stay-out-late-on-the-weekend thing, but I also happen to think that there is nothing finer than staying home and relaxing after a tough week. Tonight is a night for Indian food, reading, and putzing around in pink plaid boxers. Oh yes :)

I made it through my first week back. The only classes that I haven't told you about yet are biology and lab. I haven't had lab, and won't have it until the week after next, but I did have biology. I have Professor O.

Last semester I began this course and I had Professor O. I went to class on day one and found him intimidating. I subsequently dropped the course, not because of him but because I didn't think I could handle more than 12 credits combined with my family situation, and the most challenging class was naturally the one to go. Anyway, on that first day, Professor O spoke at length about global warming melting glaciers and how everyone who lives on the shore will drown in a few years (I live three blocks from the shore). He gave a quiz on the first day to see how much you remembered from the prerequisite biology course that precedes this one (it didn't count towards your grade, but still). is not kind to him at all... one student simply wrote "RUN RUN RUN." I'm worried but I'm planning to work my ass off so we'll see what happens. He wasn't too bad on this first day, he told some cutesy jokes and the question on his quiz happened to be one I knew the answer to (miracles do happen).

Aside from that, my courses are all going well. I am remembering my Italian and analyzing poems and literature and having a grand old time. In poetry class today, Agnostic asked me which of the four poets we have read so far is my favorite.

a) Thomas Hardy
b) Gerard Manley Hopkins
c) Rudyard Kipling
d) Charlotte Mew

I told him that I really like Hopkins but the fact that he's religious gets on my nerves. Then I thought to myself, Did I just say that? Wow. Don't even talk to me about Kipling, the damn racist. "Gunga Din" made me sick. He could take his white man's burden and shove it up his ass for all I care.

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