Tuesday, September 27, 2005

All Those Years Ago

I had Wendy's for dinner and I feel fat.

Actually, I technically only had Wendy's french fries because I ate my fake chicken nuggets while Sister ate real ones. I told her that while hers taste better, no one was harmed in the making of my dinner. She gave me her "The chicken was dead already, it died of old age" line. Maniac.

So I saw First Boyfriend on campus yet again today. I don't know if the term "boyfriend" is really appropriate here considering we only dated for a couple of weeks when I was fourteen. He was two months shy of his eighteenth birthday and had already graduated high school, which was just so cool. He was a twin - they weren't identical but they might as well have been - and I actually liked his brother because his brother was the smart one in the honor society while he was the unmotivated one who had no post-high school plans except drinking.

Here is how we met... On the last day of my freshman year, I met Hopeful Director. I met him through a friend in the morning, but by the end of the day I had inadvertently run into him several times. A few weeks later, my summer vacation was off to a terrible start. I was bored out of my mind. Childhood Friend went away for the summer and I had nothing to do. One day I got a phone call from the friend who had introduced me to Hopeful Director. She said that he wanted to know if I would be in an amateur film he had written and was now shooting. I jumped at the chance to do something. The first day of rehearsal was when I met First Boyfriend and his twin. I broke up with him after a slutty girl told me that he told her that he had dumped me. He swore it wasn't true but I didn't believe him. In retrospect, I probably should have taken into consideration the fact that she liked him and was jealous of me. Oh well.

F.B. apparently decided to go to college after all. I saw him at the Dean's List ceremony last year, so he must be doing well. He graduated but he still attends my school for his graduate degree. The strange thing is that F.B. doesn't recognize me now. I looked very different when I was that age. (I was a blonde, for one thing. Mini identity crisis, I suppose.) When he sees me on campus, he stares, but it's with interest and not with recognition. It makes me laugh. If he only knew that he already dated me seven years ago.


Note: Wendy's does not serve fake chicken nuggets. We got the food to go and I had the fake meat at home. I confused a lot of people with that. Sorry :)


Anonymous said...

remember that old (had to be blind) lady that came up to us in the library when your roots were 3 inches thick and complimented you on your natural color?


I just have to wonder if I'm ever gonna meet any of these guys...

sojourness said...

Yeah, she was so tall, hovering over me, looking directly down at my roots... lol

Wolvie: Can I trust you to meet any of them? :P

Besides, you and I weren't really friends at that point. We only sat next to each other in biology.


Yeah, but what's yer excuse fer all th' recent ones? ;-) 'Sides, I won't hurt 'em. Just rough 'em up a bit. Hey, we didn't give th' treatment to th' last guy an' look what happened there. S'what ya get fer bypassin' th' brother seal.

"Look for the brother lable...!'