Wednesday, September 07, 2005

School Days

Yesterday Professor G came into class and gave us a writing assignment to do on Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson. He gave us an hour in which to do it and said that we could leave and work outside if we wanted to because it was such a nice day. Will wonders never cease? It was great. Future Priest, Mr. Dirty Jokes and I went outside to work. Eventually F.P. wimped out and went back to the classroom. M.D.J. and I, however, roughed it out, even when Mother Nature was against us. Squirrels were raining acorns upon us and bees buzzed in my ear. All in all, however, it was such a nice way to start the day, out in "the wild."

Today I had no classes but I had to work on campus. I'm an "ambassador," which means I'm one of those people who represents the college and helps out at events and stuff. I get to wear a t-shirt and a nifty nametag. It's easy money. Today I spent two hours helping lost freshmen find their way around campus. When I showed up, I noticed, to my dismay, that they had a stack of bright orange
stickers ready for us. This was ammunition for a couple of smart-asses of the male persuasion to walk up to me with smirks on their faces and ask, "Ooh, you can help me? How?" Another ambassador and I walked around campus and talked about school and books and belly dancing, and I got sunburn. That was about it.

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