Thursday, April 13, 2006

beautiful day

Yesterday was a really neat day. (I'm not usually the type to use the word 'neat' but for some reason I'm in the mood today.) Which was good, because it came on the heels of quite a bad few days. But I feel better now.

Boyfriend has been back since Tues, so we spent the day together, off and on. I had tons of things to do so it was a bit of back and forth. At noon I had my interview at the Human Resources department of the city's library system. It went well, and today I got a call from the person in my area who will interview me and then try to place me somewhere around here. I don't know when this job is supposed to be for, because I was quite upfront in my cover letter about being gone from May to August. *Shrugs shoulders*

Afterwards, Boyfriend and I had lunch at the Indian restaurant where we first met :) We also went to see his relatives briefly. Then at 4:00 I had my first session tutoring Mentor's daughter. (I don't think I mentioned it, but he hired me to give his daughter some help with her writing.) She's in sixth grade, and just so adorable. I had to resist the urge to pinch her cheeks. She's quite creative, and we edited a short story that she wrote.

After that B. and I spent a little more time together at a bookstore, and then I went off to meet my new Italian Conversation Partner. She was great, and we spoke for over an hour. I was surprised at how just being in a conversation forced me to speak well, better than I had anticipated. It was a lot of fun and we are going to meet on a regular basis. Veteran Seeker might join us too, yipee!

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