Sunday, April 09, 2006

Too Rude

I got annoyed today and I'll tell you why. I was getting ready to work out. This guy I know was over, and he said to me, "Looking good! How much have you lost?" I told him. Then he touched my stomach and said, "Have to tone up here. Do some crunches."

I was so tempted to look down in mock horror and say, "Holy shit, where did my six-pack go?!" Fucking idiot.

In my opinion, that's like going up to an old friend and saying, "Wow! You lost weight? You look great... just gotta do something about that ass. I mean, geez."

Was I wearing a sign that said I-Have-The-World's- Tightest-Abs? Did I wander around the house wondering aloud, "Oh, where can I find someone to give me the secret to a stomach you can bounce a quarter off of?"

It really put me in a bad mood. Maybe I'm overreacting, but I think any lady (or guy, for that matter) who has ever worked really hard to diet and exercise would understand. My abs are improving, but they take time. And even if they weren't... what if I like being a little flabby? What's the hell's the huge problem? I don't want to wake up in the morning and think, Better get working so I can have the body society tells me I must have in order to be attractive. What am I, a robot? Off an assembly line? No, I'm not.

I exercise because it's fun and I feel better afterwards and yeah I want nice abs but that's not the whole objective. So leave me and my pudge alone. We are happy without universal approval, thank you very much.



So now you LIKE a little flab? Hmmmm...

Dunno, tough call...maybe you shoulda zinged him instead of gettin' mad. Or make a fat joke. Either way.

If all else fails, just hit someone.

sojourness said...

It was more philosophical, like, What if I don't want to 'tone up'? Is that such a crime?

Besides, my pudge and I have been together for a long time. I get defensive. *Shrugs shoulders*

Marilyndrew said...

I always wish I had an equally tacky, hurtful comment to come back with.

Such as:

"I know, I'm just thankful I don't need to work on anything on my face. You know, you should consider saving for a nose job."


"Wow. When is the last time you got laid?"

Not mature, and deffinatly petty, but 2-wrongs=equally horriable always makes me feel better int he short run.

Hopefully, your gym friend felt bad about it later, after he thought about it.

Congrats on all your hard work! I'm sure you look great. :)