Monday, July 14, 2008

Okay, I am up at 4:00 AM thinking about religion. This is what makes me the Sojourness you all know.

Yesterday at the gym I got sucked into watching "America's Most Wanted." A couple of pictures of a child's corpse got me so upset that I found it hard to shake for most of the night. The thing that kept returning to my mind was, Believing in God is such wishful thinking. There is no God who could possibly witness this without intervention. If there is no God, there is likely no afterlife. We probably return to dust and that's it.

Does that scare anyone else?

It makes me wonder where my father could possibly be, if anywhere. It makes me fear for my own future of - let's face it - oblivion.

When I look at the worldview I was shaped with, the one that captivated my life for twenty years, I see it as a sham. I cannot convey how traumatic it is to have the earth shift beneath your feet, and all change.

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