Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yesterday we had a blackout at the office. Apparently we were not alone, as this occurred all over the area, and we didn't get power back for a little over an hour. I joked with Friend From Work that we should make a YouTube documentary entitled "A Day in the Life of _____ Company" because as soon as the power went out:
  • One guy dashed out of his office with his bag and left
  • The CEO and others congregated around the pool table and started opening beers
  • The IT guy nearly lost his mind - "My servers are overheating!"
It was quite funny, actually.

In other news, after work yesterday I went to visit a local group home for girls who had been abused or whose parents were in jail or whatever the case may have been. I have decided to volunteer as a mentor to them and so they wanted me to go by and meet the girls. Oh my goodness... they won me over in about two seconds. They range from 13 to 18 and are just great!! I am so excited to start hanging out with them. I have to finish my paperwork, get my criminal history done and have a TB test, but then I will be able to go to the house whenever. I will even be able to take them out to the movies if I want. I feel so good about helping out, especially since I am so far from my own sisters. And the group home is right by my office.

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