Monday, February 11, 2008

Sojourness's Thoughts on Life

*In times of stress, it is good to step back and take a minute to breathe. I never do this but I just did a minute ago and it helped.

*I need to buy me some markers.

*Artsy Friend is coming over after work to teach me to knit. Now I can be a legitimate part of the feminist movement. (No... really.)

*My strong desire to go to graduate school is being slowly eroded by the terrible bureacracy in trying to get my damn Bachelor's already.

*Hot chocolate really is better than coffee.

*Writing takes more energy than most people realize.


Amanda said...

yummy, markers, I am jealous

Andi said...

So much truth in this! I totally want to learn how to knit. Ever since Heather sent me a kickass scarf for my birthday, I'm sort of obsessed.

As for the writing part...YES. It's very hard work. Makes my brain hurt it's so much work. If it was easy I'd have finished my short story collection by now. People just don't know...

cheekynomad said...

i just exerted a lot of energy writing a post :)

and YES to hot chocolate.