Friday, February 01, 2008

You Got the "Bitch" Part Right

Yesterday I took "Skinny Bitch" out of the library. This was just out of curiosity, mind you. I am not about to give up coffee and become vegan just because some former models berate me. But it gets such intense reviews, good and bad, that I wanted to see what I thought about it.

After a few pages, I'm sending it back unread. I don't need these women on their high horses calling me a fat pig. It's not even like they used to be fat and aren't anymore, which would soften it a little. The book is just pure abuse towards fat people and I don't know why anyone buys it. These women shouldn't be hailed as 'straight-talking' and 'tough-love' heroes for women. Give me a break.

In other news, it's Friday! Yay!

A friend and I are attending some seminars for women over the weekend, which should be fun, and of course there is Superbowl Sunday with the boys. I don't mind watching the game but none of us care about the teams so I might duck out for a couple hours to go to the abandoned, totally empty library down the street ;)

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Amanda said...

If I see any of those "skinny bitches" I will sit on them and squash 'em!