Friday, March 14, 2008

Bro left today, a bit earlier than he wanted to due to crappy flight issues. We had fun in the short time he was here, though. He and I went to the Texas History Museum together and caught some SXSW action. We also went up to Mount Bonnell one night with Boyfriend. I had to work on Thursday but took off Wednesday and today, so we had much more time to spend together than we otherwise would have.

I cannot believe that I have a whole weekend ahead of me! :) CL Friend and her husband want to have dinner with us tomorrow night, and I am having coffee with new Feminist Friend on Sunday, but other than that, it's just reading, writing, working out and relaxing.

I didn't mention Feminist Friend, did I? She is totally cool. I belong to the local feminism online group she started, and she just joined my local writing group, so we met up last weekend. It was one of those first meetings where you click like you are old friends - I had a great time. One can never have too many feminist friends, you know.


Amanda said...

SXSW! I'm jealous!

fp said...

Warning - This is a dangerous book: