Wednesday, March 05, 2008

There are men banging the top of a ladder against my window. It is creeping me out.

I think they're window washers, as I received a company-wide email concerning this, but really - freaky.

In other news, I have lowered my rate of sugar consumption substantially. Just to give you an idea of how your body adjusts to such things: Last week, I had a piece of cake on Monday evening. It was a colossal slice of Red Velvet cake, and wouldn't even say I ate 1/3 of it. That would be generous. Maybe 1/4? Each bite was so sweet I had to chug water. Then I just pushed it away. On Friday afternoon we had Cake Day in the office. I had one small slice of cake - ONE! - and wanted to puke all afternoon.

I am also completely 100% done with coffee because I realize that I need a ton of half and half and sugar to make it taste good. If I only put two sugars in, it is bitter, so I'm like what's the point? Now I drink tea with a bit of half and half and 1 sugar, and I like it just fine.

Today Boyfriend sent a yogurt in with me to supplement my lunch. I never knew before that I should only be having 40-50 grams of sugar a day, but I know now. The yogurt - one little yogurt! - contains 27 grams of sugar. Geez Louise, like I'm gonna waste more than half my daily sugar on yogurt, which I don't even really like?

This morning and yesterday morning I have had wicked cravings for orange juice, which is probably me missing sugar. I rarely drink orange juice so that seems the only rational explanation. But 22 grams of sugar in 1 cup - no thanks.

I know I sound psychotic but my maternal grandmother is going into the hospital for end-stage renal failure. Her kidneys are shot to hell from... what? Diabetes. That runs in our family.


fp said...

hope ur grandma is ok. i'll pray.

Anonymous said...

you will eat what i give you!!!!!!!!!!!!