Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Green tea experiment not going so well. Yesterday I had hot chocolate and today I'm having English breakfast tea. I think that I am trying to cut back on too many things at once. I like green tea for filler when I don't feel like water, but not for my main morning beverage. Every time I tried to make myself drink it, I was like, "What am I, a monk?" So it didn't really work.

I am still monitoring sugar intake and not going over my limit so who cares if I have a cup of (real) tea? I am sticking with what works for a while.

A nutritionist once told me that you can have more than your daily allotment of dairy if you are consuming low-calorie and fat-free dairy products, which I mainly do.

Aside: I miss college - the days when you could see a nutritionist on campus for free, take aerobics and yoga classes for free, and your parents still paid for your health insurance.

Losing weight is not always a good thing. It's a good thing when you go down to a new size. It's a bad thing when you lose just enough weight for your pants to fall off in an obscene manner but you still cannot fit into a size smaller. Welcome to my life.

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