Monday, March 17, 2008

I belong to a Yahoo! group for healthy recipes. It is pretty useful; I get the digest emails filled with different recipes, many of which I would like to try. The thing that annoys me, however, is this one user in the group who posts only hummus recipes. Not only that, but she is excessive. Who ever heard of peanut butter hummus? The list goes on and on.

Hello, welcome to Monday back at work.

I saw a roadrunner myself this morning. They are funky looking creatures.

*This was not taken by me. I was too startled and s/he moved too fast.

It is very strange to listen to people discuss how good or bad medication is when they have no experience with it. Should there be a law that people who are not affected by something have no say in its regulation? Would certainly make the abortion and assisted suicide debates interesting.

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