Monday, March 24, 2008

I noticed that I am consuming more dairy than I should. You are supposed to have 2-3 servings a day but if I have milk in my cereal, half and half in my tea and cheese in my eggs, I'm done by breakfast time. As a serious cheese lover, this is tough. Boyfriend pointed out to me that my hot beverages (tea or the occasional coffee) hit me in both of my weak areas - dairy and sugar. He is totally right, so this week I am experimenting - trying to have only (black) green tea all week. I drink green tea, but always as a seconds or thirds to my English breakfast tea. Let's just see if this works.

I am going to be so healthy by the end of this, man.

I am also trying to go veg again, but it's going slowly. We have succeeded in getting rid of meat in the house, hence in our lunches and dinners, but we barbecued with friends on Saturday and shared a steak. I am hoping to work my way back to the light (since Bro says I returned to the meat-eating dark side).

Boss just asked me what Jesus did on Easter Monday. "I dunno," I shrugged. "What? You're like the resident Christian here," he answered. This was news to me since I am: a) not technically a Christian and b) we have a minister on staff. "Uh, I'm, uh, not.." I answered. "You're not?" he asked, pondering this. Then, remembering my answer to his initial question, said, "Apparently not."

It might be due to something I published in the local paper that was circulated around the office, but that was a while ago and I guess it was misconstrued.

Yesterday Boyfriend and I got rear-ended in a parking lot. We pulled in and I was going to take a spot right in front of us but noticed it was for 30-minute customers only. I decided to back up a bit so I could clear it, but upon looking in my rearview mirror I saw that a parked car on the other side was backing out, so I waited without moving. I soon realized that he was going way too fast and getting way too close, but by the time I could beep him, he hit us. There wasn't any kind of terrible damage, just cosmetic, but Boyfriend and I had sore necks all day. We let him go since it wasn't bad, though I have his phone number in case a terrible injury erupts. He was like, "Oh sorry! I thought you had driven past already." That's why you look behind you when you back up, asshole. If a small child had walked out behind the car he could have killed it.

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WOLVERINE said... meat does NOT equal healthy you nutjobs. We have sharp teeth for a reason!!!!