Tuesday, October 07, 2008

If you recall, I wrote about trying to start the Potatoes Not Prozac (PnP) program a while back. I tried to do too much too fast and cut out white things and sugars entirely, making myself weak and inducing withdrawal symptoms. Bad idea. Now I am actually being *gulp* obedient and following the steps in order, determined to master each one before I move on to the next. The first regards breakfast, and there are three rules: have breakfast within 1 hour of getting up, have your target amount of protein in it, and have a brown in it. The first one is challenging but I have managed to do it. The second is REALLY challenging because this program wants you to have a ton of protein. I finally mastered that by making breakfast shakes with protein powder in them. Finally, the brown is easy - wheat toast, oatmeal in my shake, whatever. So it's going pretty well.

Oh, the perilous times we live in. It is getting scary to be an American, let me tell you. If there was a ever a time to vote your little heart out, it's now.

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