Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You may wonder why I don't blog nearly as often as I used to. The short answer is, my life is boring. Not in a "poor me, I don't have anything fun to do" way. It's boring in a "this is the first time in my life with little drama, where I can be as boring as I wanna be, yay!" way. Whenever I sit down to write a blog post, I realize that nothing I have done in the past few days or hours would interest anyone. I knit. I go to the library. I write. I call home. I go to work. I drink coffee. I eat things that are good for me. I eat things that aren't good for me. I see friends. I read in bed. I try to prevent my geriatric cat from crapping all over my apartment. Not exactly the stuff of action films or Harlequin romances, is it?

I recall starting this blog because I had so much to say about the world. I had opinions and questions on everything from religion to philosophy to culture. I still have opinions and questions - though definitely not the same ones I had three years ago - but I have been fortunate enough to find a platform through my writing. (You know, my real writing, with my real name, as opposed to my anonymous chicken-shit blogging.) There are still some areas I will not touch in my real writing (such as how much I hate my job sometimes?), which means there is still a beautiful space for me here in Neverland.

I dunno, sometimes I wonder what it's worth.

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